The Gebelhoff Group

of Companies, LLC

I want to sincerely thank everyone for such kind words.  Thank you, I enjoyed working for you and satisfying your Real Estate and Construction desires.

Gary Gebelhoff


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Testimonials                                                                                                                                                                                  CRC 1326442

Dear Gary,

We wanted to take this opportunity to say what an enjoyable and pleasant experience we had working with you.  Not only were you professional and knowledgeable, but you were also extremely helpful and accommodating.

When it came down to us purchasing our first single family home, we, like many home buyers had a few items on the checklist.  First, we wanted the home to be one where we could raise a family.  It had to be safe, reliable, with adequate space.  Second, we wanted a home that was different.  We were bored with the same "cookie-cutter" style we saw in gated communities.  It had to be inviting and warm, with a sprinkle of curb appeal.  The home you built matched all of our criteria.  We could not be more pleased with this attractive home.

We are as happy today as the day we first moved in.  We are impressed with how caring and helpful you still are to this very day.  It is a joy to interact with you and we wish you much success with your future homes.  Our experience with The Gebelhoff Group has been fantastic.

Continually grateful,

Marc & Michelle .


Hi Gary,

Thank you so much for all the effort and overall excellent work.  I know we may have pushed the limits a little sometimes and you were most gracious.  To me this is an inspirational home that had many meanings, maybe only personal to me.  Thank you for making us all a home.  It is unique and awesome - we love it. 

You will always get my recommendation. 



To any potential customer of The Gebelhoff Group of Companies, LLC,

There are endless opportunities to sing Gary's praises, however I feel his unique key strength, which has supported him throughout his career, and will drive him forward for the future, is his passion for his work and detail and ensuring the client receives the result of their dream.  In my opinion Gary did all this and more and I hope sometime in the future I may find myself in a position to have him build me another home.


John Skinner



Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your cooperation, dedication and professional assistance in the sale of the beautiful home to the Stewart's.  I appreciate your efficiency, teamwork and courtesy in achieving this smooth and successful closing.  Your attention to detail and follow-through made this one of the easiest

transactions this year.

I wish you every success and it would be my pleasure to work with you again anytime in the future.

Marty Hunt

Florida Home Team Realty